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I am a dynamic and influential figure in the world of online gambling. As the Editor in Chief of Mybettingsite, I have made a name for myself by revolutionizing the way people perceive and engage with the industry.

My passion for gambling began at a young age when I stumbled upon my father’s collection of poker books. Intrigued by the strategies and complexities of the game, I quickly developed a deep understanding of the gambling world. My keen analytical skills and unwavering determination set me apart from my peers, propelling me towards a successful career in the industry.


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As the Editor in Chief of Mybettingsite, my role is to oversee the editorial process, lead a team of writers, and ensure the production of high-quality, engaging content. I collaborate with other departments, stay updated on industry trends, and maintain relationships with industry partners. Overall, I play a crucial role in shaping the content strategy and contributing to the growth and success of Mybettingsite as a trusted platform in the online gambling industry.

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As a content expert in the dynamic and rapidly evolving iGaming industry, consistently expanding my network and knowledge is paramount. To stay informed and up-to-date, I actively engage in various industry events where I not only attend but also speak on pertinent topics. Additionally, I contribute my expertise by hosting workshops tailored for content writers and editors. Here are a few noteworthy events I have had the privilege to be involved in:

 iGaming IDOL 2023

The Oscars of the iGaming Industry with more than 2500 nominations! to be hosted at the InterContinental Arena, Malta
Thursday, November 30, 2023

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WGPC: The World Game Protection Conference is a leading conference organized by World Game Protection, Inc. It is scheduled for 27-29 February 2024 at the Tropicana Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event is focused on educating professionals in the land-based gaming industry about game protection, asset protection, and people protection strategies. The WGPC Expo also showcases the latest technology from top manufacturers of casino surveillance and security products.

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