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I’m Annsley Payne, an ardent advocate for responsible innovation at the helm of With a passion for both technology and storytelling, I’ve shaped a career that blends the art of journalism with the dynamic landscape of the betting industry.

🎓 A Fusion of Education: Armed with a unique blend of knowledge from University College Dublin and specialized business education at The Dublin Academy of Education, I’ve honed my skills in journalism and business strategy. This fusion allows me to navigate the realms of technology and ethical business practices with finesse.

📰 Crafting Stories, Driving Change: My journey began as a student immersed in the world of journalism, where I discovered the power of storytelling. Today, as the Editor-in-Chief of, I channel that passion into crafting engaging narratives while pioneering responsible gaming initiatives.

🚀 Innovating Responsibly: My commitment extends beyond innovation; it embraces responsibility. At, I lead a team dedicated to revolutionizing the betting experience through cutting-edge technology, while ensuring a platform rooted in ethics and responsible gaming practices.

🌐 A Global Vision: Collaborating with industry leaders and advocating for responsible gaming initiatives, I strive to foster a global dialogue around ethical gaming practices. My aim is to create an inclusive community that values integrity, innovation, and responsible play.

Join me on this journey of innovation, responsibility, and a commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the gaming industry. Together, let’s redefine the future of betting while championing ethical and responsible gaming practices.

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A Message from Me

Welcome to this space of exploration and innovation!

I’ve always believed in the power of blending knowledge, technology, and ethical principles to drive change. From my educational journey at University College Dublin to specialized business insights gained at The Dublin Academy of Education, my path has been shaped by a passion for learning and a dedication to responsible leadership.

The fusion of journalism and business education has provided me with a unique perspective—one that values the art of storytelling while understanding the dynamics of the corporate world. It’s this fusion that fuels my commitment to fostering innovation while upholding ethical practices.

In my career, I’ve come to appreciate the importance of responsible innovation. It’s not just about pushing boundaries; it’s about ensuring that each step forward is rooted in integrity and accountability.

Through this platform, I aim to foster discussions, share insights, and advocate for a world where innovation thrives harmoniously with ethical values. This is a space where ideas are encouraged, where collaboration sparks new possibilities, and where responsible leadership is at the forefront.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Together, let’s explore the possibilities, drive positive change, and embrace a future where innovation and ethics go hand in hand.

Annsley Payne.

Editor in Chief.